Saturday, November 26, 2011

Today came the maquette of my future artbook.
Some changes here and there, and I hope this book will be available for sale soon :)
Stay tuned ;)

Сегодня приехал макет будущего артбука с моими рисунками.
После некоторых правок, книга будет доступна в продаже :)


KatititaZ said...

Диня, ты чудо и умница!))))Очень за тебя рада)))

=Ki= said...

Спасибо, Катюша )))

Ju Loyola said...

very pretty! I loved it! :3
But there are some pictures repeated in your artbook. ><;;;

=Ki= said...

2 Ju Loyola
The quality of video is not very good, sorry, that´s mhy it seems like some pictures repeted.
In fact they are step by step picters and they represent development: sketch - linework - skreentones. Or linework - skreentones, or pencils - digital colors. It was requested by my readers from Russland and Ukraine :)

Ju Loyola said...

No problem!! I like your idea about step by step! Very good!!