Tuesday, February 24, 2009

working, working and once again working x_x
Here some sketches with Yohko:

And here you can see WIPs of my comic:


Iru said...

oh gosh! these pages are just too awesome...holy i so love the way you ink your pages T_T that´s kinda how i want to ink my pages someday....hopefully i can practice it T_T
dammit such a cutie in the bed panel <3
And the red girl is so beautiful T_T
*stares at the entry for a little while longer*

Kioto=Ki=Kisama said...

thank you *_*
your inking skills are not bad at all and pages look more artistic ^_^
Keep it up and once again thank you for your comments!

eddi said...


the ink-pages are amazing!!!

Kioto=Ki=Kisama said...

Thank you eddi :)